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Interview with players

9 July, 2015

Why do people like Words of Oz? We were curious about this and took the time to interview a few players. Vilija Židovainytė from Vilnius,


We’re now on Kickstarter!!

26 February, 2015

Support us here! Words of Oz on Kickstarter We are doing a Kickstarter campaign for our game Words of Oz. The goal is to get


Poetry should be made by all

20 October, 2014

The title “Poetry should be made by all” is taken from a quote by Lautréamont – a poet praised by the Surrealist art movement in

Autumn pool from the collection: Life of Color

The blood, sweat and tears of making it happen

6 October, 2014

The autumn is coming to Malmö and the launch day of Words of Oz is coming closer. The thought that the game will finally be


Winner of our photo contest

29 May, 2013

It was very hard to choose but we have finally reached a decision. The overall winner, who gets her image in the base collection of pictures


How to make a poetry game? Part 2

6 March, 2013

How did we come up with such an unusual idea? It actually began many years ago, when we were still working with board games. Bobbi


How to make a poetry game? Part 1

4 March, 2013

People tend to raise their eyebrows every time we declare that we’re making a poetry game. They look at us with big eyes and go: