Interview with players

By on 9 July, 2015, in Inspiration

Why do people like Words of Oz?
We were curious about this and took the time to interview a few players.

Vilija Židovainytė from Vilnius, Lithuania

“I really love words, especially finding new meanings for the words, and looking for their etymology”

What do you like about playing Words of Oz?

I love that you can get a very cool or bizarre result through cooperating with someone else. You might look at the words and think – i would do this and that. But another person does something completely different. I prefer playing with a friend or stranger, because you cannot anticipate anything at all. That’s cool!

Enrico Francese, librarian from Turin, Italy

“I believe words are the deepest core of man’s nature”

What do you like about playing Words of Oz?

I like the creation game, and I like the fact that, given few words, you have to work with what you have and not with what you want. So you have to be creative and let the words work for you. Also the unexpected inspiration given by the other player is wonderful. It’s a game about the power of the word, in the sense that what you do comes from the words that are presented so they basically look for their own disposition and combination, and the player is just a medium in this 🙂

What’s your favourite word in the english language?


Mikael Hedberg from Lund, Sweden and writer at Frictional Games

“I like how writing can wrangle speech, an amorphous use of language, into something both clever and beautiful”

What do you like about playing Words of Oz?

I really like the limitations of staying with the words I have received. I even try my best to not swap or add new words, because I enjoy the struggle of making the poem. The poem becomes extra special not because of the fact that I made it myself, but that I remember the story of trying to fit the words together; how I saw that one word and knew that it needed to be used.

What’s your favourite word in the english language?

Today, I think, my favourite word is: “Brilliance”. It’s a light and positive word and it’s musical connotations makes me think of well-crafted instruments.