Bring some magic into your life!

By on 28 April, 2015, in Inspiration

“Why, sometimes I’ve believed as many as six impossible things before breakfast.”

― Lewis Carroll, Alice in Wonderland

Creativity is somethings a bit like magic. Things suddenly come to you like from nowhere, and you have the power to bring them into being. But unfortunately it’s not always that easy. Sometimes your creativity needs a little push. In Ozma we’ve been working for years with projects aimed at inspiring people’s creativity, and we’ve often seen that boundaries are needed to get started – but also a spark that fuels the imagination!

One of our backers said he was thinking Words of Oz would be a great way to get inspiration for writing song lyrics. Actually, Magnetic Poetry, which we were greatly inspired by while creating the game, was conceived as a way to release writer’s block, by songwriter Dave Kapell. David Bowie also used similar techniques, inspired by William Burroughs. (We wrote about this before)

The trick is to believe that you can do it, which is something that becomes easier in a situation where you add some playfulness. It’s a way to relax and become curious again. Innovation comes from embracing the unexpected!

In Ozma we like to play around and add a little magic into our lives. Now we invite you to join us in our Magical Tea Party!