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We’re now on Kickstarter!!

26 February, 2015

Support us here! Words of Oz on Kickstarter We are doing a Kickstarter campaign for our game Words of Oz. The goal is to get

Autumn pool from the collection: Life of Color

The blood, sweat and tears of making it happen

6 October, 2014

The autumn is coming to Malmö and the launch day of Words of Oz is coming closer. The thought that the game will finally be


How to make a poetry game? Part 3

12 March, 2013

Is there a formula for making poetry happen? We use strong symbolic images and words to inspire our players. The images are displayed on circular


How to make a poetry game? Part 2

6 March, 2013

How did we come up with such an unusual idea? It actually began many years ago, when we were still working with board games. Bobbi


How to make a poetry game? Part 1

4 March, 2013

People tend to raise their eyebrows every time we declare that we’re making a poetry game. They look at us with big eyes and go: