How to make a poetry game? Part 3

By on 12 March, 2013, in Behind the scenes

Is there a formula for making poetry happen?

We use strong symbolic images and words to inspire our players. The images are displayed on circular tiles, which are placed on the game board. The poetic phrases are always placed between two tiles – like bridges of words between picture islands.

When we selected the images to use in the game, we realized that the motifs are very important. There needs to be a certain percentage of people (or animals), locations and objects displayed on the tiles. When we got the combination right, stories start to form in our minds. Hopefully these images, together with the words, can trigger that mysterious part of our psyche where poetry starts to happen.

 But is it really a game?

You can have different strategies, you score points and there is a winner in the end – so yes, it is a game!

Picture tiles

Picture tiles