How to make a poetry game? Part 2

By on 6 March, 2013, in Behind the scenes

How did we come up with such an unusual idea?

It actually began many years ago, when we were still working with board games. Bobbi and I had a period when we regularly went off to the big games fairs in Essen and Nürnberg, to get ourselves inspired by the German game design masters. At that time we came up with numerous board game concepts – almost anything could trigger a new game idea.

We would entertain ourselves by taking on challenges such as: “a game for making cakes” or “a game for detecting witches among old ladies” and so on. Somewhere along the way I got inspired by the popular fridge magnets and had the thought: “I’m gonna make a poetry game!” – and so I did. I showed it to Bobbi and she liked it, but for different reasons we put it on the shelf. It wasn’t until years later, when everyone started walking around with iPads, that Bobbi one day pulled my sleeve and said: “Hey, what about that poetry game, wouldn’t that be perfect for a touch screen?”. And as the intelligent woman she is, of course she was right.

Board game version

Swedish Board game version