How to make a poetry game? Part 1

By on 4 March, 2013, in Behind the scenes

People tend to raise their eyebrows every time we declare that we’re making a poetry game. They look at us with big eyes and go: Ooh!, with equal part curiosity and surprise. And yes, our game seems to be quite unique. But Bobbi and I often ask ourselves why. There are lots of popular word games out there, making it a well-established game genre. I even have a friend, who told me, that when she selects words in WordFeud or Scrabble, she tries to make them into sentences (and you definitely don’t get extra points for that!). Even so, poetry seems to fall of the edge of what people perceive as a feasible subject for gameplay. But we saw it as a cool challenge. We love writing, and we share this interest with millions of people. Unfortunately though, a game engine can’t give points for beautiful phrasing or a genius rhyme. But it sure can give you the building blocks that will help you create something of value.

With our game Words of Oz our aim is to give players a shared experience that’s more fulfilling than just a few minutes entertainment (a little bit more like love than just quick sex, if you know what I mean?) But we still wanted to keep it simple. It should be super easy to make something beautiful. So relax if you, like me, are pretty far from calling yourself a poet!

Words of Oz - game board

Early version of the game


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