Ozma Games

Karin Ryding and Bobbi A. Sand

So this is us! Bobbi and Karin founded Ozma in 2006 in Malmö, Sweden. What united us was a passion for playfulness and a curiosity about how we could make games in a different way. We wanted to challenge the traditional ideas of what a game can be, and find new topics and areas that we could apply game mechanics to. A specific aspect we explored was how play can make people creative and lower the barrier for self-expression. Out of this work came the idea for Words of Oz – a game that lets you play with words in a creative and open-ended way. Our dream still is that players will look back and think: “Wow, did I make this!” after having played.

Help us make it better!
Ozma has self-funded Words of Oz and we’re a small team of four people who have worked hard to make this happen. The game is still in beta version. This means that some of the cool features we wanted to put in there are yet to happen, and you might encounter tiny flaws that we are working towards correcting. So please help us get better! Report bugs and send us your suggestions for features you long for. But be aware that it takes time for us to make improvements and to get back to you. We promise to do our best. Email us at: support[at]wordsofoz.com

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